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Vision, Mission, Values

About New Home Association
New Home Association (NHA) was founded in June 2010 and now provides a comprehensive range of services in Hong Kong and the Mainland. We are a non-governmental and charitable organisation dedicated to providing one-stop professional social services for new arrivals from the Mainland, ethnic minorities, and the disadvantaged in Hong Kong. We aim at enabling them to develop their full potentials and to serve the community. We are also committed to promoting community participation, social inclusion, and to building an equal and caring society.

Closely associated with the spirit of social cohesion, harmony, mutual help and care, NHA is committed to promoting a caring Hong Kong society by joining hands together with new arrivals, ethnic minorities and local sectors.

NHA provides professional services with high quality to support new arrivals, ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged in adapting and contributing to the local communities, so as to promote the establishment of a supportive, caring and tolerant society.

Equality · Caring · Respect · Unity · Excellence