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Parent Education Programmes - Community Activities for Non-Chinese Speaking Parents (English only)

The Parent Education Programmes are held by New Home Association, commissioned by the Education Bureau, to provide Community Programme (the Programme) to NCS parents and enhance their knowledge and skills in helping their children’s learning.



I)          To enhance the awareness of NCS parents on the importance of their children’s learning and mastery of Chinese language in further studies and career development;

II)        To enhance NCS parents’ understanding of Hong Kong education system and introduce the multiple pathways for further careers or further studies available for NCS students; and

III)       To provide opportunities for NCS parents to have more interactions with Chinese-speaking peers in the neighbourhood and enhance their awareness on the educational support services generally offered in their community.


Target participants

Mainly parents of NCS students in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, including special schools.


Programme Calendar

The programme comprises 10 Major Events. They will be held in three regions (Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories) in collaboration with different schools in the designated regions. Each Major Event comprises a principal activity and some associated activities.

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