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Welcome Gift- Home Insurance Scheme

Home Insurance Scheme is a comprehensive medical insurance package covers claims on various aspects of unexpected accidents.  Newly joined or current members of New Home Association are eligible to apply for claims under this scheme.

During the effective period of the Home Insurance Scheme, all beneficiaries will receive compensation on medical fees according to the ordinance of this Scheme if they encountered unexpected accidents, causing physical disablement or death.

Coverage location: 24 hours global insurance coverage

Charge: Free

24 Hours global insurance coverage:

1.     Reimbursement for death or bodily injury caused solely and directly by accident HK$100,000 
Death / permanent total disablement / permanent total loss of both limbs / permanent total loss of sight of two eyes / permanent total loss of one limb or loss of sight of one eye / major burns (Claim calculation is based on the surface area of the burnt) resulting from accident.
Permanent total loss of hearing of both ears / permanent total loss of speech resulting from accident (Maximum benefits are 75% and 50% of the specified amount respectively)

2.         Expenditure of medical fees and expenses HK$10,000
Medical expenses incurred for bodily injury caused by accident (including medical treatment expenses by specialist, chiropractor and physiotherapy but referral letter from registered medical practitioner is required.) (calculated on the basis of per event)
Extend to cover any expenses incurred from Chinese medical practitioners and bonesetters, the maximum benefit payable is HK$150 per day

3.         Funeral expenses benefits HK$10,000 
An insured person sustains bodily injury which directly caused or result in his/her death and accident death of this policy shall be payable, the insurance company will pay the reasonable cost in respect of any funeral expenses incurred up to the maximum limit not exceeding  HK$10,000. 
The benefit shall be paid provided such funeral arrangements are undertaken with insurance company’s written consent and only upon receipt of supporting documents.    

4.    Hospital cash benefits HK$200 and extensions HK$6,000                       
The policy extends to pay the sums of the hospital cash benefit of HK$200 per day and up to HK$6,000 for each insured person from the third day of confinement in respect of insured person confined to hospital as a resident inpatient on the advice of and under the regular care and attendance of a physician arising out from accidental injury.

5.     Education fund benefits HK$5,000 
An insured person sustains bodily injury which directly causes or result in his/her death and accident death of this policy shall be payable, the insurance company shall pay the maximum limit of HK$5,000 for the insured person's children as an education subsidy.

* <HOME Insurance> is only applicable to eligible members of New Home Association. Please contact our service centers for enquiry.
* New Home Association reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.
* Should you have any enquiry, please call the hotline of insurance company in working time at 3187 5100.