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Synergy Youth

Synergy Youth is an organisation subordinated to NHA and has been joined by over 4000 members, including youths from mainland China, local youths and ethnic minority youths. Synergy Youth owns a voluntary team of over 2,000 registered volunteers and have provided the local community approximately 29,,000 service hours. The organisation was founded for the purpose of forming a collective resource platform, which on the one hand enable youths in Hong Kong to explore their talents, on the other hand provide them the resources they need in Hong Kong and mainland China to achieve their dreams. Ultimately, these services provided by Synergy Youth are expected to promote social harmony and multicultural development in Hong Kong. 

Contact us:

Tel: 3955 8252 
Fax: 2815 7002
Email: hksynergyyouth@gmail.com
Add: 7/F, Sin Hua Bank Building, 122 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories