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Home Culture and Arts Association

Home Culture and Arts Association was established in December 2013. Taking Arts as a medium to cultivate the potential and bolster the confidence of new arrivals, the association specialises in recruiting and training new arrivals who are interested or talented in Arts. The association wishes to make Arts a platform for them to express their confidence to others, and to form an Arts network that connects people like them. We believe social harmony would follow, if every member of the society understands each other. The association recruit new arrival and ethnic minority members through the NHA service centres, and has now formed a number of regular performing teams in different service centres. For instance, Top Girls, Jazz team (children), Traditional Chinese Dancing team (women) and a dancing group formed by ethnic minorities.

Top Girls Band
Founding in December 2013 by a group of local and new arrival female music aficionados, Top Girls is a band that combines both folk music and modern pop music in their pieces. They play mostly in Erhu, Guzheng, Flute, Yangqin, Zhongruan, Sheng, Saxophone and Violin, etc. In year 2014-15, Top Girls performed in New Home Association Charity Dinner cum 2nd Board of Directors Inauguration Ceremony, audition of the game show “If You Are the One” that was held in Hong Kong, and RTHK’s event “Embrace Father and Love”. The band was also interviewed by RTHK Putonghua Channel, People’s Daily Online and Metro Finance Digital before.

Top Girls Band Video: