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SHIMAO + NHA Leadership Training Program

Program Background
New Home Association (NHA) aims to serve for the underprivileged, especially for those who newly come to Hong Kong and the ethnic minorities. NHA actively promote the concept of helping the underprivileged people, helping people help themselves and social integration. The youth is the power of social development as well as the future and hope of society. Therefore, we always hope we could help the youth, especially for those youth who newly come to Hong Kong and the ethnic minorities. It is our mission to promote their strength so as to help them engage life in Hong Kong and make contributions.

NHA Scholarship has been set up since 2010 and Fellowship as follow in 2011: it helps the poor students who newly come to Hong Kong to blend in Hong Kong’s life so that they could be more concentrate on study. NHA awards the outstanding secondary school students and college students who newly come to Hong Kong, helping them improve their study and life in future, meanwhile cultivate them to be all-round talents.

In order to train the young students to be all-round talents so as to make contribution to the Hong Kong society, NHA establishes the SHIMAO+NHA Leadership Training Program, which benefits all college and secondary school students by creating and expanding a broad social network. This program can also remind the youth to care about and serve for the community, as well as facilitating social integration. 


Program Objective
1. Encouragement of achievement, this program aims to encourage young students to develop their potential talent as well as to achieve their goal in life.
2. Provide opportunities, this program aims to help the awarded student create more ambitious target and direction. 
3. Provide platform, this program aims to provide the awarded student a platform for developing their own potential and make contribution to the Hong Kong society. 


Sustainability and Significance of Program
 This program will not only keep the previous spirit of “Scholarship for the college and secondary school student who newly come to Hong Kong”and “SHIMAO NHA Fellowship Program”, but also combine the two plan to be a comprehensive training program. 

In the period of secondary school, the young students could apply for the “Outstanding Secondary School Award”. They should have a basic understanding of NHA and will be encouraged to take part in all kinds of social service and volunteer activities, which could stimulate them to look forward and develop for higher level. 

“Outstanding College Student Award” is a higher level of college student scholarship, which provides more opportunities for students to take part in activities. It helps the awarded college students to get a chance to involve the society and build up their social network, which could cultivate more talents for Hong Kong after they graduated. In addition, the awarded students will be encouraged to organize various activities, which could take a role to affect more young people to join social activities so as to achieve social integration. 


Quota and Amount
The target group of this program is the local secondary school students and college students in Hong Kong.

1. Outstanding Secondary School Student Award
Quota: 500 secondary school students from Grade One to Grade Six
Amount: Each student would be awarded $4,000

2. Outstanding College Student Award
Quota: 10 freshmen
Amount: Each student could be awarded $20,000 for each year and constantly 4 year. Each of them get $80,000 altogether.


Program Contents
1. Outstanding Secondary School Student Award 
 Outstanding Secondary School Student Award benefits 500 secondary school students from Grade One to Grade Six for excellent academic achievement. It helps cultivating more talents to make contribution to Hong Kong society. The selection process is based on applicant’s performance of both academic and extracurricular activities, which challenge them to get higher records.

NHA would organize the awarded Outstanding Secondary School Students to take part in all kinds of social service and volunteer activities. 

2. Outstanding College Student Award 
 Each successful applicant would be awarded $20,000 every year and it lasts for 4 years. Besides academic achievements, NHA would keep following up and help training those awarded college students in other kinds of area, cultivating them to be talents for the Hong Kong society.

Besides offering the scholarship of $20,000 each year and last for 4 years, this program would also provide social activities for them, such as summer internship, company visiting etc. What is more, Venture Capital Fund would also be set up for those who want to make their dreams into practice.

2.1 Summer Internship
The board members of NHA provide summer internship opportunities to the listed company, locating in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen etc. They would try their best to make every awarded student get a chance to internship. In addition, we would follow up the internship process of each awarded student to know more about their problems and achievement. We would hold a seminar for those awarded students to share their internship experience.

2.2 Company Visit Tour
The awarded students would be invited to visit the company of NHA’s president and vice president in their summer term. They could not only get more understanding about the operation of the company and company culture, but also broaden their horizon and give them a chance to make conversation with the top businessmen in China so as to improve their general ability.

2.3 Volunteer Service
In their 4 years’ college life, all kinds of volunteer activities would be organized to give chances for the awarded students to access to the Hong Kong society, which provides them an all-round understanding about the politics, economics, culture and other kinds of area in Hong Kong. 

2.4 Venture Seed Fund
The Venture Seed Fund offer those awarded students who have lofty ideals and ability to get the first fund to start their business, which help them realize their dreams. In addition, they are expected to feedback to NHA and make contributions to society when they success. 

Date: 14 September, 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 2-3PM
Venue: Heung To College of Professional Studies(29 Playing Field Rd, Mong Kok, Exit A of MTR Prince Edward Station)
Targets: Secondary school teachers, students, university students.

Deadline:5PM,3 October, 2014 (Friday)

2014-15 SHIMAO + NHA Leadership Training Program Rules Download

2014-15 SHIMAO + NHA Leadership Training Program Application Form Download

2014-15 SHIMAO + NHA Leadership Training Program Awards Presenataion Photos